PowerBeats Productions is founded by two brothers Christian and Miguel that have been in the business for 15 years providing their professional work to different Entertainment companies in the New York Area and now they have team up and created PowerBeats Productions! With a different approach to the entertainment services and that is  " Entertainment Focused On You"

We take pride of what we do and we show it at your Celebration not by stealing your spotlight but by doing extensive and detail planning, direct and coordinate every highlight of the event and of course play the right music at the right time, that way your day will flow smoothly, This is how we provide you with Quality Entertainment. 

Do you want to know how we don't steal your spotlight? Instead of being the center of attention at your Celebration we try to blend in with program working together with all the hired professionals at your event so when your guests are having a good time in such a good organized ambiance the only person that will be in the spotlight will be you.

What make us different from other Dj companies? 

- PowerBeats Productions is a Independent Owner Operator Company.

You will meet directly with us to discuss the vision you have for your Celebration, we will help you plan and direct your event, create a personalized Music playlist, any questions and/or concerns that you may have we are available for you 24/7 and the most important of all we will be the Dj's and MC's that will perform at your event.

- PowerBeats Productions Diversity 

Our Multi-lingual M.C.'s will keep your guest entertained through out the party with their heavy or light crowd interaction while our D.J.'s play all the music hits that have been chosen by you prior to your event or any guest request during the party, whether is the Good Oldies or the current Top Hits including international music specially Latin.

PowerBeats Productions is fully insured, also we are a proud member of The National Association of Mobile Entertainers and we can travel anywhere in the world.

Following is a list of services and options that we can offer.  We encourage you to go thru the entire Website and if you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact us at any time. 

Music plays an important role in any celebration, that is why we want to make sure we only play music that you and your guest can enjoy and with our online music planner it makes it easy to create the perfect playlist for every highlight of your event.

The Master of Ceremony's role is to help you Plan, Organize and Direct your Celebration without stealing your spotlight.
PowerBeats Productions ' Motto is "Our Entertainment is Focus on You" and by working together with you we are able to make the vision of your event a reality.

Let us provide you with a full Sound System for what is the most important event of your Celebration,  Your Ceremony...
Let your guests enjoy a nice background music while they wait for your arrival and with our wireless Microphones everyone will be able to hear you and your officiates voice during your ceremony.

Personalized monograms can be projected on the walls, floor, or ceiling of your venue, adding an individual personal touch to your event.

Intelligent Lightscaping enhances the atmosphere at an event, producing a warm, inviting experience for the attendees.

Incorporating Intelligent Lighting on your dance floor area can change the entire demeanor of an event, by packing the dance floor and providing an exquisite entertainment experience to your guests.
Intelligent Lighting can quickly change from soft warm color mood to High Energy Party style lighting, all at the control of a professional light technician and it's portable computerized operating panel.

Our Professional Video Technician and It's State of the Art Video Console will be in charge of producing and displaying your Photo Montage, Zap/Candid Pictures, Camera Live Feed and let's not forget Music Video Mixing through out the night in our 51" HDTV Flat Plasma TV's  mounted on a 6 feet lit up Truss (TV stand). 


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